Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fashion Feature: Verano High Swimwear

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
On this rainy, fall day chances are you’re wearing a comfy sweater or boots…but today, I actually want to post about swimwear.  Nothing is better than being able to support a local talent, especially when you truly believe in their work.   With that, I’m so proud and excited to share with you my “cousin-in-law’s” very first swimsuit line called Verano High. 
My husband’s cousin, Maria, started off her career as an Interior Designer as well, but has followed her “passion for fashion” and, through hard work and natural talent, she is making her way onto the fashion scene.  She has been working on this swimwear line for a while now, and her website is now up! You can start to order through email now; however, you will be able to order directly online in only two weeks! 
I can’t say enough about this line.  I’ve seen the samples in person, and they are high quality suits that are designed so beautifully.  I say this as someone with a design background, not just as a family member!  Maria is someone who is so humble (too humble!) about her talent and has such a big heart.  She designed a lot of the fabrics herself and, of course, all of the swimwear.   Her first photo shoot was in Colombia, where she styled everything – even using some of her own pieces!  The final images are a beautiful marriage of architectural elements that frame her inspiring collection.  If you ask me, they are a perfect homage to her interiors background and bright future in fashion.  I hope you all enjoy her collections as much as I do, and please, spread the word! 
Of course, you will be able to see MUCH more on the website,!
To follow her journey and Verano High’s upcoming collections, check her out on:
Twitter Twitter (@veranohigh)
Facebook (Verano High Swimwear)
Pinterest under… yup, you guessed it… Verano High. J
Congratulations Maria on all your hard work and best wishes on well-deserved success!

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