Friday, September 28, 2012

Carpet and a Cause

A few weeks ago, my boss said that our local Interface carpet rep reached out to her to see if any designers would be interested in volunteering at a local woman's shelter called My Sisters' Place. The goal was to get volunteers to take a few hours to go to the shelter, rip up the old carpet, and help lay down new carpet tile in the apartments.  My Sisters' Place provides transitional housing for women and children who are either homeless or have suffered domestic violence.  They have a great support team that helps to rebuild their lives so they can move on to permanent housing.  We all jumped at the opportunity to help such a great cause.  Today, my girlfriend and co-worker, El and I took the trip to lend a hand. 

Exterior Shot of the Old Factory turned Apartment Complex
Here's a pile of the carpet tiles that we used. They are about 20" x 20" and super easy to install.

Below is a picture of the tiles being installed in a quarter-turn pattern.
The great thing about using carpet tiles in apartments, and in general, is that if something happens to one (a spill, rip, etc..) you literally just "pop" that one out and replace it.  No need to rip up wall to wall carpeting! We had a lot of extras, so they could keep them in the storage unit if needed.
Another reason why carpet tiles are a great solution is that they are actually a floating floor.  All we had do to was use the "Tac Tiles" (the white strips shown in the pic) developed by Interface on each of the four corners of the carpet and simply align the tiles together. It went really fast and no adhesives needed!

My partner-in-crime hard at work!
It was great to see the apartments transform so quickly, just by using the carpet tiles.  They are the easiest thing to install and I would highly recommend them as a solution for your home.  Check out Interface's Flor division as a great solution for residential living. Here's a quick video that explains more about the Flor system.

To my city-living friends, check out the Flor stores in both NYC and Boston!

My FLOR goes where others wouldn't dare. Shop now

More importantly, be sure to check out My Sisters' Place to learn more about how you can help a good cause!


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