Monday, September 2, 2013

Guest Room Revamp

Hope everyone enjoyed their long Labor Day weekend! This weekend sure was full of labor for me and I'm so happy I finally got to tackle one of the (many) items on my 'to-do' list...fixing up the Guest Room. Naturally, this decision happened Friday night, around 10 pm, with no plan, but a lot of desperation. This room, along with our bedroom, has been neglected and was in need of a mini-refresh.  I'm definitely in no position to spend a lot to design this room right now, so I decided to do what I could on a tight budget, during a long weekend.  

Here's the "BEFORE" before (yes, two "befores") pictures...when the house was purchased. 

Yeah... IIIIII know 
(in a Monica from Friends tone of voice)

Although, this room wasn't even comparable to one of the other bedrooms we now call the office.  I'll save that pic for another post...because it definitely needs a post of it's own!

Anyway, my husband's friends lived here before we got engaged.  So my father-in-law painted the room with left over Ben Moore, Shaker Beige.  After they moved out, the room became a little less "bachelor pad-ish" but, as most spare rooms are, ended up being thrown together with random furniture and very little attention.

These photos were taken Friday night and Sat. am, when I was originally thinking of going the Navy Blue you can tell by the paint samples hanging :)

Guest Room / Before

Guest Room / Before

Guest Room / Before
Old painted over wall art on the floor...nice touch, K.

As you can see, this room needed some work. 

I decided to use Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray for the walls (as you can tell from my fan deck on the bed) and made sure to touch up the trim that was literally peeling off!  As I said before, this was a super budget-friendly job.  So instead of getting the paint from Ben Moore, I had Lowes match it for me.  The paint was only $20 after a $5 rebate and I used Olympus Paint and Primer in one. I also picked up Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter for the hallway. 

So I took some pics today...please excuse the poor quality! 

DIY Reverse Ombre Starburst Mirror - Total cost - $5.81

Interested to see what I did by only spending $50 - 60?  Tune in tomorrow for the details and DIYs! 


  1. Wonderful redo, Kristen. I just finished having most of my home repainted and poor ceilings fixed. My painter former art student helped me with colors and what a dilemma that is. Keep up with post as I am an avid fan of your designs. Best to you and Rick JoJo

  2. I'm glad that you didn't go with the navy blue. With the way the light comes into the room, I think it'll be too dark if you had gone that route.The gray is cool and calming, and a huge improvement from how the walls were before. Great job with the decorating, Kristen!


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