Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh so Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

It's so easy to forget and take for granted all we are blessed with. I hope you all take a moment to really soak in all that you have, or don't have for that matter, and just give thanks. Although we should probably do this more often, I think holidays are the perfect reminder for us to "check in" once in a while.

Today, and every day, I'm so thankful for...

1. My main squeeze...and ALL that he puts up with.

2. Our incredible (large!) family. I feel so blessed to be at an age where I can sit down with so many generations all together. From grandparents the baby nephews, it's pretty great.

3. Our Friends...who pretty much are family and inspire us every day.

4. A job that I love and am lucky to have.

5. Our home & Miss Brooklyn

6. Those that we've lost... and to have at least had them in our lives, even if it felt too short.

Wishing you all good health, happiness, and many thankful moments!

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