Saturday, November 3, 2012

The rug came! (well...a few weeks ago!)

Remember the area rug I bought on Well it came a few weeks ago! Unfortunately, I haven't been posting lately because it seems that October has been one busy month between work and catching up with friends.

I took a quick pic of the rug to send to a friend today, but will post some better shots at a later date. I really love it! I think it's a perfect fit with the white wainscot and gray walls. It's so comfortable and thick compared to the last one. It's wool but luckily you can't really see any shedding... that is until you empty the vacuum! Also, it looks a little more gray in the picture than it is in person.  It's actually more beige but not as dark as the picture from their website which I was pleased about.  Nonetheless it was definitely a good purchase.

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