Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Honeymoon's Over!

It's so hard to believe that the wedding has come and gone and we were sitting on the beach in St. Lucia exactly one month ago! As I go through some of our pictures (the Mr. and I have different definitions of "some"), to put in a photobook, I thought I'd post a few.

The typical "wedding date in sand" pic!
Good Morning, St Lucia

on our balcony

Reason # 129981 why we gained a few LBS! The swim up bar...

Loved these pendants in the lobby

On our Sunset Party Cruise

Sunset Party Cruise, Marina

Our Next Home.... in my dreams!

Johnny Depp filmed a few scenes of "Pirates"on this boat

a night at La Toc

Kimono's at La Toc (too bad the picture is terrible, it was a fun interior!)

Dinner at Gordons

The Fire Eating - Dancers

Rumored to be Oprah's house - you KNOW I needed to take a picture! ha!

The Twin Pitons


Candlelit Dinner on the Beach on our last night...thanks to my AMAZING and thoughtful Co-Workers!
We loved it. xo

Ah... The End.  Back to reality!


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