Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wine Corks + Amazon box = Wall Art?

So I'm in the process of updating the wall gallery I designed a few years back in our Living/Dining Room.  Since I want to break the picture frame grid a little bit, I started looking for different pieces.  I found a galvanized metal "N" when I was in Boston a while back but never bought it.  So I checked out Etsy to find something similar...and came across the smaller "N" below for $20.

....but with all that we have going on, I decided to keep the "impulse buys" to a minimum and play with different options to save some cash.

So I decided to try a different alternative that cost me a whopping ZERO dollars!
(unless you count all the wine we drank in the past and the Amazon order Rick received today) 

This mini-project took me about a 1/2 hour.  The best part is, it gives you an excuse to open a bottle!  After all, it's "for art".  :)


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